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VBA Programming for Microsoft Excel
For anyone interested in learning about computer programming before committing to a college course of study, this 15-hour course may provide some valuable insight!

Microsoft Excel is not just a spreadsheet application; it contains a sophisticated programming language that enables one to control all aspects of the application.  The language is called Visual Basic for Applications, VBA, and is relatively easy to learn and use.  Using VBA one can automate all kinds of tasks that will then perform themselves automatically, consistently, quickly and without error—if, of course, you've written the code correctly.  If you haven't, then you get to learn and practice debugging skills!

No programming experience is necessary to take the VBA Programming for Microsoft Excel course,  but some knowledge of Microsoft Excel is.  Fortunately, our wonderful New York City Public Libraries offer FREE introductory classes in Microsoft Excel.  Use the links below to check them out and enroll.

New York Public Library (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island)
Brooklyn Public Library
Queens Library

If you're interested in learning more about the VBA programming for Microsoft Excel course
(which will be offered in the Winter of 2018), please complete and submit the Form below.