Please help us conduct the Female Math Course so that deserving women can get a high school equivalency certificate...get into college (without having to waste time and money on remedial math classes)...get a better job.  Thanks so very much!

Day of Remediation-Math

The Day of Remediation-Math is a daylong class designed to help participants acquire rapid and reflexive recall of the times tables.  Having such a command of the times tables is an essential component of the “basic number sense” persons need to learn arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, etc., so that they can achieve high scores on the math screening assessments that are used by academic institutions and employers everywhere.

Participants spend the day focusing on related groups of times tables: taking timed quizzes, doing timed drills, playing Multiplication BINGO, and working on related mathematics exercises that reinforce the memory work.  (Cognitive psychologists call this elaborative rehearsal.)   They not only learn certain invaluable math skills that have long eluded them (e.g., multiplying fractions with cross-cancelling); they also learn how important it is to construct and maintain a strong knowledge base of math facts and algorithms which is readily-retrievable from long-term memory.  

Although attendance at the Day of Remediation-Math class is free, a book fee of $10 (to defray the cost of producing the Day of Remediation-Math Drills Workbook [184 pages] and Day of Remediation-Math Exercises Workbook [238 pages]) will be collected from each student before each class starts.
Starting in September 2015, Day of Remediation-Math classes will be held every Saturday.