Founded in 1999, we are a New York State not-for-profit
corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Our Mission:

to help females learn the mathematics—and "numbers-related" disciplines—they need to achieve their academic and career goals.

Day of Remediation-Math

The Day of Remediation-Math is a daylong class designed to help participants acquire rapid and reflexive recall of the times tables.  Having such proficiency is an essential component of the basic "numbers sense" people need to learn arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, etc.

Participants spend the morning working on Individual Times Tables, specifically, the 2 Times Table.  They take a timed "before" quiz; do timed drills; solve a variety of arithmetic problems that reinforce the memory work (cognitive psychologists call this elaborative rehearsal); play Multiplication BINGO; and, finally, take a timed "after" quiz—which score is, invariably, significantly better than the "before" quiz. They spend the afternoon working on more complex mathematics problems that involve algebraic and geometric reasoning (e.g., Raising a Power to a Power, Factoring Quadratic Equations, Simplifying Radicals, and Solving Pythagorean Triples).

At the end of the Day, participants have not only learned certain invaluable math skills that have long eluded them (e.g., long division, reducing fractions to lowest terms, multiplying fractions with cross-cancelling, etc.); they have also learned how important it is to construct and maintain a strong knowledge base of math facts and algorithms that is readily retrievable from long-term memory and how much can be achieved with focused practice.

Attendance at the Day of Remediation-Math is a pre-requisite for most Helicon, Inc. courses and classes.

We're seeking space to conduct the Day of Remediation-Math; if you can help, please Contact Us.

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