Founded in 1999, we are a New York State not-for-profit
corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Our Mission:

to help females learn the mathematics—and "numbers-related" disciplines—they need to achieve their academic and career goals.


Female Math Course winter 2018

If you're one of the 50,000 women in New York City who has been struggling for years to pass a high school equivalency mathematics test—GED and/or TASC—and who would do almost anything to pass that test, the Female Math Course is probably for you!

Day of Remediation-Math winter 2018
Optimal learning happens when "new" information interacts, in working memory, with "old" information recalled from long-term memory.  This class, a pre-requisite form most Helicon, Inc. programs, was created to help people acquire the knowledge base of easily retrievable facts which is essential to the learning of mathematics.
Specialized High Schools Admissions Test Prep for African-American and Latina Girls 2018-2019
Of the 15,509 students enrolled in NYC's Specialized High Schools, 6,487 (42%) are female. Extrapolating that percentage: 673 (401 Hispanic & 272 Black), or 4%, are girls of color—and that's simply unacceptable! This course seeks to remedy the situation.

The Founder and Executive Director is available to do private matematics tutoring (sliding scale fee) for:
•  middle school (New York State Common Core exams)

•  high school (New York State Regents; SAT/ACT prep)
•  college (algebra, pre-calculus, calculus)
•  GRE/GMAT prep
•  CNET prep
•  ASVAB prep