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CAST Test Prep Materials
Utility Industry Math Boot Camp for the CAST Battery

•     Mathematics Manual for the CAST Battery

The Student Mathematics Manual used in the Utility Industry Math Boot Camp has been revised (and renamed) so that it can be used by self-disciplined individuals who really want careers in the utility industry and are prepared to study on their own. The only mathematics manual of its kind in the country, it covers all the mathematical topics found in the Mathematical Usage and Graphic Arithmetic Test of the CAST Battery in 326 pages; and contains 1,500 practice problems with answer keys.  See sample pages from the Manual:



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We strongly recommended that people use the Day of Remediation-Math Workbooks before using the Mathematics Manual for the CAST Battery!!!

•     Mathematical Usage Practice Tests

There are 156 Dimensional Analysis (aka Mathematical Usage) problems in the Mathematics Manual (and we strongly recommend you do those before attempting these Practice Tests). But for anyone who wants to hone his or her test-taking skills further, these Practice Tests are perfect.  Each Practice Test packet contains five sets of problems; each set contains 18 problems (just like the actual Mathematical Usage Test) with answer sheets & keys and mathematical solutions.  See sample pages from Practice Test 1: "shipped" electronically

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•     List of Resources for the Mechanical Concepts Test

The Mechanical Concepts Test of the CAST Battery assesses both mechanical comprehension and spatial reasoning.  This is a comprehensive List of recommended readings and practice exercises from a variety of books.  Hard-working, serious-minded individuals can expect to learn the basics of physics and spatial analysis—and improve their reading comprehension skills. "shipped" electronically