Please help us conduct the Female Math Course so that deserving women can get a high school equivalency certificate...get into college (without having to waste time and money on remedial math classes)...get a better job.  Thanks so very much!

TABE Math Prep Class

Many “high end” occupational/apprenticeship training programs in New York City use the Tests of Adult Education (TABE™) to screen applicants.  Most applicants have no trouble meeting a reading requirement; but many have considerable difficulty meeting the math requirement—even if that requirement is to demonstrate a seventh grade level of proficiency!   Fewer proficient applicants means a less than desirable recruitment pool for training programs.  The TABE Math Prep Class was designed to help people improve certain “old school” math skills so that they can improve their scores on the TABE™ Mathematics Computation assessment. The focus of a typical TABE Math Prep Class is on promoting student proficiency in such topics as:  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals; long division; fractions, and percents—especially percents—without the use of a calculator

The pre-requisite for admission to the TABE Math Prep Class is attendance at the Day of Remediation-Math  and scoring 90% or higher on a Times Tables Quiz at the very beginning of the TABE Math Prep Class.

Starting sometime in September 2015, TABE Math Prep Classes will be held every Saturday.  

Check back here again in a week or so for dates, times, and locations of the TABE Math Prep Class.