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•     How to "Read" a Ruler Workbook $15.00

This workbook is dedicated to someone who was (in the estimation of the instructors at the training program he attended) "born to be a woodworker."  He'd found a job in the field immediately upon being graduated from the program, but then was fired after only ten days on the job because he couldn't "read" and use the measuring tape.  The employer liked him enormously but couldn't afford to keep him on because of all the mistakes he was making.

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If your ruler-reading skills are similarly shaky, this is the workbook for you.  It's the only one of its kind!  It has 52 pages; there are easy to follow directions and examples; and 150 practice exercises with answer keys.  Thousands of people all over the country have taught themselves with this workbook and have gone on to work in manufacturing or to become carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and utility lineworkers, etc.  To quote one of our favorite students (who's now an apprentice in the Elevator Mechanics Union):  "If you want to learn how to do this, it's all in the book, step-by-step…sooooo easy.  See sample pages from the Workbook:



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Workbooks are available at reduced bulk rates for educational institutions or training programs; a How to "Read" and Use a Ruler Workshop curriculum 
(including entry- and exit-level quizzes, measuring exercises, and Certificate of Completion templates) is also available for a nominal annual licensing fee.  For more information, contact: