Please help us conduct the Female Math Course so that deserving women can get a high school equivalency certificate...get into college (without having to waste time and money on remedial math classes)...get a better job.  Thanks so very much!
Featuring Helicon, Inc. and Allannah Thomas:

Executive Director of Helicon, Inc. featured panelist at 3rd Annual New Jersey [Transportation, Logistics, & Distribution] Industry Week
"Non-Traditional Career Pathways for Women" (05/11/15); and, "The Need for Employer-Sponsored, Sector-Specific Curriculum" (05/14/15)

"Math Boot Camp Boosts CAST Pass Rate at North Georgia Tech."

"Boosting Test Scores at Oneonta Job Corps."
"How to Implement a Successful Boot Camp."  National Energy Education Network Meeting (08/22/13) 

"Math Boot Camp Helps Job Candidates Achieve Success on the CAST Test in New Jersey."  

"Mapping and Meeting the Needs of Our Energy Employers and Workforce."     The [VA] Governor's Conference on Energy (10/03/12)

"Meeting the Need for Higher Level Mathematics in an Increasingly Technical Workforce."      National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Worker Education and Training Program National Trainer's Exchange (03/29/12)

"Utility Industry Math Boot Camp."  2011 Energy Summit (Center for Energy Workforce Development)

"Utility Industry Math Boot Camp."  September 2011 Newsletter (Center for Energy Workforce Development)

"Big Apple Math in the Big Easy."  2011 Annual Conference on Testing (Edison Electric Institute)  see Conference Agenda

"Closing the Math Skills Gap."  2010 Energy Summit (Center for Energy Workforce Development)

"Closing The Gender Gap." (The Torch, 04/02/10)

"New Yorker of the Week:  City Teacher Helps Women Add On Math Skills."   (NY1 News)

"The work of finding employment can begin with NYC's free programs."  New York Daily News (04/16/09) see "Teachers" in the section about Nontraditional Employment for Women

"Helping Women Reach Their Potential in Math."  New York Times (04/09/09)

Since 1999, almost 10,000 females (and a growing number of males) have attended classes conducted by Helicon, Inc.  They are Asian-American, Black, Latina, and White from all over New York City; most who attend are Black (50%) and Latina (27%).  Their ages range from 18 to 74 years.  Most are from the more economically-challenged strata of our society; almost all are products of the New York City Public School System.